The Brother printer is the oldest name known in the market for providing the users with printing outputs, this name is known in the market for over 100 years now, Over this long period of 100 years, brother printers have innovated themselves continuously in terms of technologies and designs.

The brother printers are very easy to use and are also good at the printing output but over the years the printing machines are not just printing machines but are now multi-taskers, behind this multi-tasking ability lies the secret of advanced updated yet complicated technology that most of the times goes beyond the understanding of the user and therefore the users are sometimes found stuck into some very common technical errors, here we will discuss instant resolutions to some of such common technical problems.

Brother Printer offline- If your Brother printer has gone offline then to get it back online follow the given steps –

• Click on start then go to programs.
• Click on “devices and printers”
• Further right click on the printer icon
• Then click on “see what's printing”
• Then click “word printer”
• Remove the check from the box given against “use printer offline”
• Ensure that Brother is set as your default printer
• After that get your system restarted.

Factory Reset- In order to conduct a factory reset on Brother Printer the user should follow the given steps –

• Turn off the printer machine.
• See to it that the front cover of the machine is closed.
• The power cord should also be plugged in.
• Hold down the go button in order to turn on the power switch
• Keep the button pressed till you see the LED lights turned on
• Once the LED turns off you can then release the go button
• Then press the Go button six times.

Printer toner Reset – In order to conduct a toner reset follow the given steps –

• See to it that the machine is turned off.
• Open the front cover.
• Hold the go button and turn on the printer.
• As you see all the LEDs on except for the ready LED then release the Go button and turn on the printer machine.
• Press the Go button twice in order to turn on the error LEDs
• As the error LED starts flashing you can then close the front cover.

The blog covers the 3 very basic Brother Printer problems, if in case you are facing any other typical issues while using your Brother printer then for help or support it is advisable that the user gets connected with the team of trained and certified technicians as for fixing such complicated errors and issues deep knowledge of techniques and experience is required. It is not possible to avoid a few technical errors here and there with such technical machines but by the help of the experts, the users can easily get them resolved.