Guide to Troubleshoot Brother Printer Error code 71

If we focus on the increasing demand for printers, then the Brother is one of the largest and most comprehensive manufacturers of printers and other ailed equipment. In today’s era, printers are one of the essential parts of our life, and it helps to make our life easy and stress-free. By keeping it in mind, these are so many printers brand available in the market that is a specialist in providing a wide array of printer models. Besides, Brother Printers are ideal for office as well as home users. It is a well-known printer that is famous for its best-quality printing along with fantastic services and features. If you are new to this printer, then get more about this product at Brother Printer Toll free Number UK.

Well, the printer is an electronic device, and sometimes it may create trouble while printing with showing an error code 71. This error code is quite common and came across by many users of Brother Printers around the world. It happens due to some glitches in the printer scanner motor or any other technical issues in the printer.

This error code can be resolved with the following steps. For that,

• Check the firmware version to make sure that the brother printer is working on the perfect settings. It is recommended to use the latest firmware must be used by the machine
• If the firmware is not updated then move ahead for the next step
• Turn off the printer and after 10 seconds switch the power on.
• The Brother printer can be powered off for four days without losing the faxes. If you can see date and time on the display, then the issue is resolved
• If the error code is still displaying on the screen, then the machine needs servicing.
• After that, print according to User settings by pressing Menu, Print reports, and User settings, Start.
• In need, if the user settings are appropriately conducted, then the error will not occur again. Then, the issue has been entirely resolved.

However, this error code can be quickly resolved with these methods. But, if you are still facing the same error on the printer, then it is recommended to get the advice of the technical experts at Brother Printer Contact UK. The professional team will help you to resolve the issue in the shortest time frame. Whether the problem is with hardware or the software, they can figure it out as soon as possible.