Brother is a brand known in the market from a long time period if we talk about from where this brand name started its journey we will see that the company was into sewing machine manufacturing at its very start and then as it grew further it then got into printer manufacturing and from then till now it is only focusing on that. Brother printer is one brand name that is known in the printer market for the longest time period.

Over this long time period, the Brother printer has got it well developed in the area of printing, the Company has a wide verity of printer machines to offer to the users such as laser printers, inkjet printers and a lot more. The printer machines are based on a lot of complicated technologies and not all the printer users are very much technically sound and therefore they face tough challenges while dealing with any sort of technique related Brother printer issue or error. In order to make it easy, it is advisable that the user gets connected with the team of experts at Brother Support Number UK.

There are a lot of issues that the users come across while using a Brother Printer machine on their system such as paper jams, ink installations, set up issues and a lot more but here we will focus on the solution of some issues related to Wi-Fi.

Brother printer connected to Wi-Fi not printing- It is a very common issue that is seen when a Brother Printer machine is connected to Wi-Fi. In order to give a fix for this issue, the user should follow the given Steps-

• The printer machine should be ready for use.
• Check the wireless connection and get it repaired if needed.
• There should not be any error on the Brother Printer display.
• If nothing helps then conducting a set up again will surely get the issue resolved.

Brother printer not connecting to Wi-Fi- Another very common issue faced by the users is printer machine not getting connected to Wi-Fi the main reason why this issue crops up is usually seen as a weak signal or wrong Wi-Fi information entered. In most cases a reboot of the printer machine or a reset of the router gets the issue resolved. If in case you are still stuck then to get it fixed the user should follow the given Steps

• Unplug the power cable from the machine and keep the power button of the machine pressed for at least 10 seconds.
• Then turn on your wireless printer machine then go to “settings” further try to connect with the Wi-Fi network.
• Changing the Wi-Fi name on the network also can help with the fix of the issue.

If there is any other issue that you are stuck with then, for the resolution it is advisable that you get connected with the experts. You can reach them at Brother Helpline & Toll-free Number UK.